More Content, Less Perfectionism

I want to be writing more here in the near future.

I have some stuff in the pipe, but an issue I keep running into is perfectionism.

Perfectionism can be a good thing, it's what made write the super complete Ruby's Dark Corners series.

On the other hand, I probably could put out more stuff if I accepted to just publish bits and pieces as I write them. The issue is that often, there needs to be some kind of internal consistency to a series, and I'm uneasy to put out the first part if I think the later part might make me to wish to edit it (which it usually does).

But publishing things feels good! It feels like momentum and progress being done. Some of my other post series have been done in a much more "good enough" spirit, including my notes on weight-lifting and anime opinions. Let's do more of that.

So, in the spirit of experimentation, I'm going to try to put out more stuff, including stuff that isn't as finished as I would like it to be.

After all, nothing prevents me to re-edit it later, if that's what I really wish.

More broadly, I'd like to apply this philosophy to more than just writing on my blog, but it's a good start. And I want to write about what I do on my blog anyway, so starting here will impact the rest.

Head nod to Venkatesh Rao's idea of mediocrity being actually good.

First thing coming up is going to be articles in a series of more or less disjointed notes about language design and relevant concepts.

I also want to publish a more shorter things, mostly highlighting cool things I've encountered elsewhere — without the need to add much value personally.

See you soon!