Been a while! What I've been to since July, in no particular order:

  • I visited Tokyo & Ireland.

  • I improved the program that generates this website, it now does incremental generation, and I have a post in the works about it (edit: here).

  • I started writing my thesis, and got a good headstart.

  • I finished my re-read of the first 13 books of The Wheel of Time, and my first read of the 14th and final book. (I must have read 3 of them since July.) I thought of writing about it, but the series means so much to me (I'm not the only one), I'm afraid not to do it justice. I must also recoup my thoughts about it.

    Did you know Amazon is adapting it into a TV show? Might use that as an excuse to re-read and write about it.

  • I've kept lifting weights, I'll write some thoughts about it soon (edit: here).

  • I'm now reading 8 Years in Azeroth, the account of player Hanzo as he leads his guild <Descendants of Draenor> through the first eight years of World of Warcraft.

  • I've started tracking my sleep using the sonar tech of the application Sleep as Android. I've used that as an incentive to get my average time in bed to 8 hours / night over the past month.